Frequently Asked Questions

How does Diabetes affect my feet?

Diabetes may cause numbness of the feet which can create vulnerability for undetected foot injury and/or infections.

If I have heel pain, will the treatment necessarily require surgery?
What Are the Qualifications of a Podiatrist?
Should I see a doctor about my ankle sprain?
Why do I have pain in the front of my foot?
When is surgery necessary for foot pain?
Do you perform bunion surgery?
Do you take x-rays on premises?
What insurances do you accept?
Should I see a doctor about my ingrown toenails?
Does a foot Fracture Require surgery?
What are the best ways to heal an ankle injury?
Did I twist, sprain or fracture my ankle?
Do I need surgery if I have a puncture wound?
Can I treat a broken toe at home?
How can I tell if I have Charcot foot?
Can smoking cause foot problems?
Does being overweight affect my feet?
Should I have surgery for plantar fasciitis?

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